The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just my random thoughts this morning.... I really need to shut off the TV and maybe even facebook and read more. There are some pretty horrible things on TV now...I can't believe some of it. Books...Knowledge is power. :) And I'm happy that Eli and Zahavah enjoy sitting on their beds flipping through books at such a young age. Yeah!

I love my kids. I remember the day and where I was when God laid it upon my heart to stay home w/ my children. Its the best decision I have ever made (its also the hardest job ever). And Brett has been awesome with thinking its a great idea, standing beside me and helping me through the tough times. I wish all moms had the desire to stay home w/ their kids. Its what American (actually all nations) children need in todays world.

I have a horrible time being able to let go and forgive pedofiles. And don't be a fool...they are closer than you think! Its the one area that I can honestly say...Lord help me to forgive those who purposely sexually abuse and assault children b/c I can't. And I'm also glad its up to God and not me. He is a just God and I trust him. Its actually physical abuse too, and murder...its all so heavy and sick. On the news and in the paper u hear and read about it. And I think..."How can they kill their own child or sexually assault their own daughter?" And then I quickly recall that we live in a sick and fallen world and Satan is alive and well. But forgiveness in this area is something I'm still working on.

I love sunshine!!!!

I love sleeping precious babies.

I love adoptions...what an amazing act of love on the biological mother's!

I love Jesus...I don't claim to know it all, nor understand it all...but its worth every breath I take to live for HIM alone. I love family. I am happy to live so close to mine, even though we don't always get along. Its family and nothing is better.

I truly miss my family that has passed on this past decade...My Uncle Pete, My Aunt Brenda, Grandma Great & Grandma Judy...they were very close family members and their presence is very much missed during family gatherings. What lays heavy on my heart is that they didn't get to meet Zahavah, and some didn't get to meet Eli. My Aunt & Grandma Great loved babies and they would have "ate her up".

Marriage was created to make you HOLY not HAPPY. Its tough sometimes, but its a life worth living. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams with Brett and my family. We know we are fortunate and talk about it often. We want to share our blessings & our eternal gift with those less fortunate & unaware of God's AMAZING grace.

I think an affair has a horrific ripple effect on family. I do understand that marriages are incredibily difficult and there are times of loneliness etc etc etc., but in the end its a very selfish act and I don't think its one worth pursuing.

I need to run more! My current excuse is (cause the only time I can go is early in the morning before Brett goes to work) its too dark & charleston isn't that safe! Gym? Thats a possiblity but I'm thinking Wii Fit! What do u think?

I'm done rambling, I need more coffee. I hope someone was enlightened.

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