The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zahavah's First Birthday!

Beautiful Butterfly cakes made by Heavenly Delights in Mattoon. And it was yummy!!!
Zahavah opening her gifts, she is kissing her new baby!

She got her own little cake...Eli blew out her candle before she did!

It took her a bit, but she did finally dive into her cake, such a great sport. And she was careful not to get dirty (since she just had a bath...what was I thinking?), but her KaKa and Aunt Tabby encouraged her to put it in her she did.

And she tried to grab my camera!

She did a good job...don't u think?

Licking the icing off her fingers.

She was scared of her balloons at first but she warmed up to them. Here...Aunt Tabby is sharing her juice box!

Our friends Evan and Samson. They came over after the party and we had a great evening together. Thanks friends!!!

Pappy and Launahee J...she will be one soon!
Tomorrow (Monday) Zahavah will actually be ONE! We have a little photo shoot planned. More photos to come!