The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back from a TERRIFIC vacation w/ the family!

Too tired!
Wonderful fun times! They are all buried up to their waist!

Babies watching the waves come for them. Zahavah didn't know what to think!

More pics to come in the days ahead, when life slows down.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today is just one of those days that I want to dig a whole and jump in. I'm not a super Mom...even as a Christian with Christ...I still struggle. I know there are many Moms out there who have it all together and a picture perfect...I am not, nor do I attempt to create an image that I am. Today I have two sick extremely fussy kids and a mouthy hormonal teenager. I just get to a point where I feel I have nothing left to give. I finally got Eli to sleep after massaging his head and face. He has a sinus I'm sure the massage felt wonderful. Zahavah is another story. Nine months old...awake since 7ish and has yet to nap. And it never fails when I call upon that person in my life who you think would understand and offer to help from time to time...she is unavailable and only has unhelpful advice to throw around. At least the baby quit crying. I guess there is really no point what so ever in this post except to vent that I'm having a horrible day...and that is what journals are for. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...10 hours in the van w/ all three of them!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The world

Cynthia Nixon Announces Engagement to Girlfriend at Gay-Rights Rally...a headline on Yahoo news! There is something seriously wrong with our culture. Let me just say my response to the picture...Identity Crisis!
Its all part of the fall, so don't get too upset and ruffled over it...its suppose to happen. God said it would. We can worry ourselves sick over the things that are happening in the world around us. Don't! The Lord has much to say in 1 John and be informed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Beautiful Niece...Caydance Nataleigh Sill

Me and Princess!

Fun! Fun!

~Love this photo...she is surrounded~

I remember driving the long 8,9,10hour drive to Joplin Missouri to be there for her arrival into this world. I had just finished an all day shift of photo taking at a Champaign Photo studio when I got the call at 10pm that Tabitha was in labor. I quickly called my Aunt Brenda (who has since went to be with the Lord) I knew there was no way I could make the drive by myself. Aunt Brenda was a life saver. We made it there early mid-morning 2am if I remember correctly. In PLENTY OF TIME...this squirt wasn't born until the afternoon of that next day...right? Its hard to keep straight when my kids when born along w/ the nieces and nephews. I love you Caydee!

Monday, May 11, 2009

10 things that bring you joy!

Please post a comment and tell me 10 things that bring you joy!

Mine are...
1. Finding alone time with God...seems so difficult.
2. Finding alone time with my best friend, my husband.
3. Taking photographs
4. Getting to bed early and chatting w/ my wonderful husband.
5. My anniversary
6. When someone else does the cooking and the kitchen cleanup.
7. When everyone in our home is happy and loving each other....I love hearing them laugh together.
8. Most surprises
9. Being in my husband's arms
10. Great the ones Pap and I have together. Like the one w/ Joy Kaurin this morning. And girl talk!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My little princess in the flowers! I love the last one of w/ Eli...its like he is saying, "Wait a minute, I have something to say!"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A successful weekend!

We sat up a garage sale in Oakland w/ my sister and some other relatives and we did quite well! We also hit some sales (Brett and I together) and we found Eli some awesome Winter Carters sleepers for .50 each!!! A super bargain, usually $20 each new! We also found a brand new Penn State hat w/ the seal sticker on it...that Brett likes, and cheap from what I gather! The downside to the garage sales was...all that doesn't sell, has to be packed up. Yuck! I donated most of it, but I ended up keeping a tote and 1/2 of stuff for the fall. I just can't let go of some of those maternity clothes quite yet...why, I have no clue! Probably b/c I paid so much for them, not b/c I want another baby! ok, yet. I said that just to make Brett happy! ;) Brett and I headed to the Tuscola outlet mall to find Zahavah some clothes, she is growing so fast! We got her some jammies, 1 onesie, 2 t-shirts and Eli a pair of rainboots. I have been to the store...not kidding...three times trying to figure out if I really wanted to buy them or not, and today...Brett said...go ahead and buy them already! lol. They were on clearance, and Eli LOVES playing in the rain. I'll post a pic! So...Micayla didn't get anything, but she is quite I will let her pick out her own clothes. I have learned my lesson when buying her clothes. Anyhoo...Happy Sunday!
Hahahaaa...Pictures are proof he needed rainboots. He was so cute when we gave them to him. He said, "Oh boots! Yellow boots!"...w/ excitement ofcourse! And he is in his jammies in the pics...he just couldn't wait to get outside!