The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Vacation!

We have finally decided that we will go to Pa for Summer vacation. I HATE the drive...its forever long. But all three of my children will know their sign language really well, b/c that is all Zahavah likes to watch...Signing Time! I will knit like a mad woman..I'm working on an open knit shawl / blanket for my Africa baby...who I will someday meet. Adoption is hard, if you are interested in reading about that...visit my other blog

We will visit Brett's parents in Pa, probably some of his siblings and Sesame Place...which I am super excited about...Eli too! More to the library.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Terrific Easter Celebration

The babies open their Easter Baskets after Breakfast and Zahavah is excited about her Kit Kat!
And Eli is excited about his Kite!

Eli flying the kite, do u c it?

They watch the pro, their hero!

Zahavah loves to smell flowers.

Me & Z.

She tries and tries to ride the big trike.

Beautiful girls in the same dress, but different colors.

My wonderful babies.
Climbin boys.

I love this pic.

I love that tongue!
My niece is a Princess!
The race is on!
My sister caught this photo...I love it!
Me and my sisters.
Me and pretty niece.

Here she is...all happy to be on the hunt for eggs.

Micayla isn't near as excited about the hunt as Z, but she has fun watchin.

Tab took this photo, not sure what happened, but I like it when Eli cheeses it up!

Little Launahee hunting eggs!
Look what I found Dad!

I enjoy watching them, they have so much fun.

Her basket looks empty, but its not!

All the kiddos who enjoyed the HUNT!