The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random thought entries!?!

My sister posts random thought entries...I like the idea, so I think I will do it from time to we go!

Just got back from viewing Fireproof this evening. Excellent movie. Kirk Cameron will get a lot of slack from Hollywood and non-christians for having his wife step in to do the kissing scene. I say...good for you for standing up for what you believe least someone in Hollywood will.

I have a lot to do this week...order pics, buy groceries etc etc etc...but I need to remember what is priority. My biggest prayer b/c Satan is always distracting me from what God wants me to do.

I appreciate our church family...I was blessed by Marilyn Savely's prayer today. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I read a good article in "Hearts at Home" magazine about true friendships and the risk involved...great magazine...check it out at

I miss getting creative with my scrapbooking. Either I'm too tired to come up with something new or not enough time = just throwing together a decent page.

My children are a blessing from the Lord. They are so precious. I was away just for the movie today (Thanks Tab and Ryan for b-sitting) and when I came back I realized just how tiny Zahavah's head is! And how fast Eli is growing (he was playing w/ a grasshopper when we got home!) and how mature Micayla is growing up to be! All from being away for a couple of hours.

I love my husband dearly...I want the best marriage God designed for us!

Mud pictures...learning patience!

Ahhh...he is sad...I'm taking him to the hose to clean him off.
Eli is not happy!
He would not put his hands down in the mud to get up...Lori picked him up out of the mud.
Pics are backwards...ofcourse...but these are the pics of the mud experience I was talking about in my patience entry! He was actually a lot muddier than he looks in these pics. Thank God for little boys!!!

PS: On another note...go see Fireproof...its an excellent movie.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have the best husband!

Everyone knows its not easy being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). And the past four weeks, have been a challenge to remain consistent in child training, spending quality time with Kayya and Eli and taking care of Zahavah, etc. etc...all on top of less sleep than usual. You know how it is w/ a new joy in your home. Brett took the kids Saturday so I could have a ME DAY! Initially I was just going to go to JAC for coffee and some Bible reading, but he told me to take as much time as I needed...the whole day if I like to recoup and take care of myself. Yes..he said that! To me...its a true expression of his deep love and committment to me. So...I went to JACs, did some reading. Then I went to Daisy Lane (scrapbook store in Mattoon) and browsed a bit. I even called Brett b/c I was soo exhausted (so was he) and was having a really hard time staying awake. I contemplated sleeping in my car for a short bit. But I fought the sleepyness away...after about two hours...I was "awake" again. I spent sometime in the mall...b/c I'm in huge need of new clothes, so I bought a couple of tops and scarfs (yes...they are back in style!). Thanks to Shanan for her help...I am so indecisive when it comes to clothes. Shanan goes to our church and works at Maurices in Mattoon. Then I came home and a friend of mine from Massage School came over and gave me an hour massage (THANK YOU JEAN)! I was having a FANTASTIC day. And I surprised Brett by bringing home his fav...Buffalo Wild Wings! Sunday we went to church. I came home w/ the kids...fed them and put them down for a nap. (Brett was still at church...he plays in the praise band.) When he came home we all went to our nieces b-day party...she turned 5! We were going to go to small group...but we are so tired, that we skipped. :( Maybe next week. But we all three chipped in and cleaned up the house...and today I am feeling so much better. Thank you Brett for going the extra mile in helping me, be the BEST me. You are truly a gift from God, and I appreciate you!
I love you!

Friday, September 19, 2008


As a Mommy of three I pray daily for patience. Often something small like..."Thank you Lord for your beautiful children that you have trusted me and Brett to raise for your Kingdom, please give me all the patience I need for today." And God is faithful to provide those magical moments that test me...sometimes beyond what I feel I can handle. Oh so true...without those prayers...I can't do it on my own. I am constantly reminded that I need the Lord to help me through my day. I cannot do it on my own. On my own I fail miserably. God is faithful to pull me (and my kids) through a rough day when I call out to Him and lean on His understanding. PRAISE THE LORD I am not in this alone. And neither are all the other Mommies in the world who seek the Lord. Unfortunately these pictures do not do my little monster justice...they don't show all of the mess...all down the high chair and ALL over the floor! (This happened yesterday). I said my prayer while cleaning up this big ol' mess too! Spaghetti is his absolute favorite...can you tell? we piled into the car to go to my sisters...I said the above prayer....all was going well...hanging out at Tab's socializin' and all. All the sudden I notice little Eli kneeled down in a big mud puddle! My first thought / feeling was "agh...what a mess." And in all honesty I was frustrated. He was muddy, wet etc. Shoes and all. But I remembered my prayer...and said...ahhh thank you God for your faithfulness. I am happy that my little guy is being a boy...throwing himself into a big wet mud puddle...cause that is what boys are suppose to do! Right? Right! My cousin Lori helped pull him out of the puddle and I took him to the hose and hosed him down. He fussed a bit b/c it was cold. (I will post some pics when I get them from my sister's camera). I so easily could have let this take ahold of me, frustrate me to the point I lost my cool, but I'm so happy in that (at least this time) I was patient with my only-little-for-a-short-time son and rejoice that he is happy and healthy to play in a puddle. My Savior is faithful to carry my load when I cannot do it alone. (Thanks Lori for holding Zahavah while I hosed Eli down!) The Lord is teaching me patience...and building my character!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zahavah is TWO weeks old....already!

I love Zahavah in purple!!!
Eli grabbed her hand, I thought it was soo cute, I almost missed this precious shot!
Although when I wanted to take a pic of them together, he was not happy about it! :(
Daddy talks with Zahavah, she gives hand gestures and a small grin!
Zahavah loves Mommy with a kiss!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We love bows!!!

Soooo cute I must say!!! Its just too I was unwrapping Zahavah to lay her on this brown blanket she started to I quickly picked her up and turned around to the loveseat to grab her blankie to catch the pee...all the while pee is flying on the couch, floor and I thought to myself...ahhh...let's just do it another time. But then she settled down, so I changed my mind (I was thinking...she is going to grow so fast, I gotta get some pics now!) So we attempted once more...I got her all positioned and started to take some pics when all the sudden she really let it all go...she saturated the couch! Thank goodness...only with urine! And even though I only got a hand full of pics...I think they are worth it. She is so pretty! Thanks to our friend Mel for the bow that was wrapped around her gift...we put it to good use.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The days are flying by so fast.....

Micayla and her little sister...I remember her wanting Eli to be a girl badly...glad she finally got her sister!
They are only this little for such a short period of time. Makes me take everyday as slow as I can.
Proud Daddy!
Eli and Daddy (and Daddy only) have a new game they play...I forget the name of it, but Eli is the best...we have a great camcorder video of it too...we laugh so hard. Brett allows Eli to play rough with him, but I have to remind Eli from time to time that he can only play like that w/ Daddy. Its so super cute. I love it when Brett interacts with Eli...we get such great laughs.
Eli is interested in his little sissy.
Our Princess! She is all beeuteeful! She has such long skinny legs! :)
Yeah! I can use little bows once again!
I love Eli's facial expression here..."Did I do that? Is she ok?"
Sweeet! Wearing Daddy's hat!