The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

These pics were so much fun! Eli with his knee all scraped up the first nice weekend of the summer. And Zahavah's little foot in the green grass. Some of the photos were shot at Walnut Point State Park. She is growing up so fast! Eli too actually.

Work, Work, Work...

Mommys we all know too well what its like to be swamped in laundry up to our neck, dirty floors, messy bedrooms, cluttered car, clean dishes waiting in the dishwasher, garden to be planted, closets to declutter, and on and on and on...surely I'm not the only one!?! Its pretty easy for me to get stuck in my agenda for the day and how I expect it to pan out. All things I want to accomplish...and how I'm going to do it all before my wonderful husband walks in the door at 5pm. It amazes me no matter how hard I try...I rarely accomplish all my tasks by 5pm. Somedays...I may not even get 1/2 of my list accomplished! I'm slowly coming to realize that God's agenda is much better and easier than my agenda! And I'm learning to be mindful of what matters most.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You go Miss. California!

Screw you Perez Hilton! The girl answered the question true to her heart. Just because you didn't like it along with millions of other homosexuals doesn't mean she should have answered any differently. Good for her to answer the way she did. All the more reason she should have won! We need more people in America standing up for morality and God's Word!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day Gathering Hunt and all!

~Before our first Easter egg hunt we found Zahavah like this. Baby yoga! He feet are flat against each other!~
~Jack Pot at Aunt Teresa's!~

~Zahavah's first Easter Egg~

~Pretty girl~

~Big Pappy (Aka, KaKa) loves her~

~Caydance standing on top of the club house, brave girl!~

~Trystan just a swingin~

~My Men~

~Little Joshua was so good to Eli, he even let him wear his Spiderman hat!~

~Males! What can you say?~ Oh Jacob won!
~Good Morning my little preciouses...Happy Easter baskets!~


~And ofcourse he wants Sissy's puzzle~

~Easter Cuppy Cakes~
~The Hunt!~

~Caydance is such a good big sister, she helps Noahie~

~Hahahahaaa...someone put Keri's shoes in the tree!~

The Boys enjoying cuppy cakes. I love his expression!
~Zahavah and her Daddy~

~Mommy & Zahavah~
~Us with our baby girl. We missed Kayya being with us this weekend~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The view from Eli's bedroom window!

Well this is the view from our frontroom window. Below are from Eli's! I'm sooo happy Spring is near!

A very busy Saturday with Nieces and Nephews!

What a weekend!!! We had all our nieces and nephews on my side of the family from 9:30-2:30 Saturday. Thats six kids 5 and under! Around 2:30 little Miss. Launah went home with her mommy and we waited for the rest to wake from their naps and we headed to the school park!
Caydee gives the boys a wagon ride! Such a big helper!

Micayla spots her while she climbs.

Me and my best friend.

Our Son is very brave. He has mastered this climb since we visit this park often, but I think most children his age are not as brave as he is! He gets his guts from his Daddy.

Trystan coming down the slide!

Eli coming down the slide!
Oooowww...shaky legs!

Master Climber

Little Mr. Noah enjoys the park too. Although he tried to run away once.

Five of the seven!

Mommy and Eli.
Micayla and Caydance are such big girls!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The above collages are precious pictures of our Eli, trying very hard to be like Daddy! He can even make noise on the French Horn...we are impressed!

Thanks Krista for our Strawberry Hat, we love it!

Look at those little teeth!

Awww...My teenager is growing by the day! This was a luck shot, we were just playing around w/ me camera...but I actually like this shot. She doesn't know I kept it!

Gotta grab that Daddy and get some pics with him!

Love it, there are no words for how great of a Dad Brett is!

I wish I would have shot these when Zahavah was a bit younger, but better late than never!

Those hands have claws...Brett is keeping his face at a dangerous distance!

One of my favs!