The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Saturday, August 30, 2008


ZAHAVAH GRACE FREY! Born August 24th, 2008 at 8:32am. Weighing 7 lbs 11oz...just like her big Brother Eli! 21in long. Check her out...she is so beautiful...........
Here is the labor team with the new babe! Big sister and daddy were along side mommy the whole time.
Proud Papa!
Now all 3 or our kids have the same hospital picture with the same outfit on.
Grandpa Bob and Big Sissy admiring our new addition.
The Sill's with Zahavah; Noah, Ryan, Tab, Caydance

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our little girl is.... snug as a bug in a rug!!!! She is simply not ready to come out and meet us. She would rather live in my womb than in my home. :) We went to the doctor yesterday and I'm dialated to two...still. She offered to induce whenever I like, but w/ that you always run a risk of a C-section, so I opted out. Our next appt is Monday at 9:30, but my midwife and Brett think I will go before that. I know the Lord will have her come when she is good and ready, and HIS timing is PERFECT. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Patience has never been a character trait of mine. And on the upside of things...I can get my July scrapbooking done! :) And I want to make Peach Crisp.
Please keep my nephew Noah in your prayers as he is having tubes put in his ears today. He is soo stickin cute. I love to squeeze his cheeks. He didn't seem too happy last night when I saw him, but I think he was super was Mr. Little Eli. Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!!
PS: Did you all watch the Olympics and still Nastia get scammed! Grrrr!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday...A family day at the Park!

The little ones, watch the big ones...they are learning!

I enjoy having my siblings and their children close.

I love Eli's grin in this pic and how Caydee is peeking.

Eli loves this bridge...every time we go to the park!

I believe this is his first time on the teeter-totter!

Big cousin Kayya, helping out Caydee!

All four balance out!

Dads and Kiddos.

Caydee has a friend at the park too, he joins us.

I LOVE this picture! Isn't Noah the cutest baby...he should work for Baby Gap!

Don't let go Daddy!

We laughed at the boys as they left us and were following Uncle Ryan and Noah on a little walk. They just up and left us.
Kayya and Dad on the jungle gym.

My family...which is getting ready to grow any day now!

I can honestly say...I truly appreciate the men in my family and the Godly Fathers (and husbands) they strive to be. I enjoyed watching the children have fun together...but especially with their Dads. We all decided after church to grab some grub and head to the park. My only regret...I didn't get any pics of the kids w/ Great Grandpa Ka Ka! :(

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Agh...who enjoys being up at 3:30 am?

I can't sleep!!!!! Brett is sleeping quite soundly! Pregnancy insomnia is by far not enjoyable at all. I don't even have anything to say here...I'm just up and awake w/o anything to do! I could clean, but I don't want to wake up Eli....who needs his rest. My sister will come tomorrow and we will CLEAN...and ORGANIZE! Brett spent sometime this past evening organizing lots and lots of papers that we haven't filed in quite sometime. Crazy how out of hand mail, bills etc can get if you don't stay right on top of it all. Well...if I can't sleep...I'm at least going to lay there and allow my body to relax. Hope everyone is enjoying a good night's sleep!
Counting Sheep; Micah

Monday, August 4, 2008

Eli and Trystan's Firsts!!!!!

Eli got his hair cut and then a few days later Trystan got his hair here are the boys w/ their FIRST hair cuts! I love that our families live close and we can share some "firsts" together!

It was so neat to take Eli to the fair. He was mesmorized by all the different sounds and probably smells too. He enjoyed watching the big fast rides and would say..."Woooow." lol. Brett and Asa took the boys on the elephant ride. It was stupid crazy expensive prices to ride the rides. Micayla went on bracelet day w/ his big sister, from "Big Brother Big Sister." I am so glad she got the chance to do that...but sad that I have no pics. :(