The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So much to be THANKFUL for....

These pictures are in you are seeing November shots first and then Oct. Sorry, I haven't been updating much...its busy around here! Above, Micayla's bestie Alex helped me and the kids make turkeys from Oreo was so fun! They were the center pieces for our Thanksgiving Dinner!
Eli made an awesome picture...I LOVE IT!
We went Trick or Treating with our friends the O's...and we went to Dr. Hutti's house first. His wife is an excellent decorator, so we had fun using their porch for our group shot!
We carved pumpkins...Eli still hates to put his hand in the pumpkin to dig out the seeds, but we still had fun!

Pumpkin Patch...
Z took her little Princess Baby with her to the patch!
Well, technically it was an Apple Orchard, but it was our pumpkin patch trip for this year...and it was nice...they have the BEST apple cider!
All smiles while riding a pony!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Aug & Sept snapshots

Our baby girl turned three.
We did an awesome fun photo shoot, and I ordered her...her own little Shutterfly book (of all the pics taken from her special day and our shoot) of her day turning three!
Daddy ran 34 miles for his 34th birthday...the kids always enjoy the post race yummies. I truly appreciate the race sponsors sharing with the kids...very nice...and nice of the runners too ofcourse.
Way to go Brett...I'm so proud of you!
Eli took a one month break from Karate to try Soccer. What can I say about soccer?....
Eli watches his shadow when he runs...that is what he (and me) loves about soccer!
We enjoyed our annual Labor Day Campout. In the above pic, which I grabbed and LOVE IT! She got her stroller down into the barn and its KaKa is coming to the rescue to go help her get it back out! LOVE IT!
She takes her babies on an adventure. Daddy took her and some of the other kids out on an adventure in the woods...they had a blast!
Some of the gang.
Micayla and Alex camped with us this year!
Smores boys.
My Dad and his Aunt.
My brother being a show off to the little kids.
Asa and Tin infront of their tent.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE...Daddy teaching his son how to set up camp. Way to go!
Eli's first ever field trip! We went to Okay Valley Apple was great!
I was lucky to spend a day with Eli...and I got to be the Mystery Reader. Eli said it was his favorite part of the day!!!!
And today I visited my High School...they will tear it down I grabbed some photos. Its sad, but its time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Each year...A birthday...A photo shoot!

If you want to see the photos...find them on facebook. Sorry, it takes way to long to upload them to both!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zahavah's First Tea Party!

Her little friend Madaline (I know I spelled that wrong, sorry Meg) turned 3 yrs old and her Mommy threw her a beautiful birthday tea party!!!

Here she is waiting patiently!

Her little friend admires her necklace.

Maddy's candles.

And she blows them out! Hope she made a wish!

Z's enjoys not one cupcake, but two! The icing anyway!

And her yellow "tea".

The party crew...sorry I cannot remember all their names.

A little dark, but I like this shot.

She opens her present from Z. We had a blast...thanks for inviting us Maddy!!!! Happy 3 yrs of being friends!!!!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What have we been up to in July?

Eli and Daddy playing bad guys!

The 4th of July Parade. Loved was nice in the shade.

I want that car!

4th of July Party at our friend Karen Sutliff's house. And Sophia joined kids love her!

Fireworks ofcourse!

Eli tested and got his new Camo belt and man was he sooo happy!

Our Garden produced...cucs, bell pepper and hot peppers! Keep it coming!

My cousin Rachael got married...beautiful!

We got our dossier paperwork authenticated and mailed off!

I cooked for the first time ever...a whole chicken! Thanks Meg or the chicken and for the recipe!

And we miss Sissy Kayya really bad as she is loving on the orphans in Zimbabwe. We can't wait to hear all about it.

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