The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Friday, February 11, 2011

Paint, snowmen, a birthday, and a tutu!

This pic is not very good...she was too close. But its naptime so what do I expect!
My first attempt at making a Tutu. Its hard to see but some of the purple has stars on it. And there are two ribbons throughout it.

Happy 75th Birthday Pappy.

Brett is great with the kids. He has them buried up to their chests at a "snow table"...they love it! And ofcourse Twink gets in on the fun. Yep...Halloween decor was still out...still is...its frozen into the ground.

This is the after pic. Its really not this bright...the paint is still wet when these were taken. I absolutely LOVE IT. The kitchen went from dull to wow!



corner before.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I absolutely love that Brett enjoys taking the kids out in this stuff. They have so much fun! I'm not a cold snow all. Which is why I say, NO to moving any further north than we already are! Brett would be thrilled if I said yes to Montana...not gonna happen. But just look at these guys...they are so precious!
Even the dog loves it! I wonder how he would enjoy the beach?

My snow princess in her cool new cowgirl boots!

My snow Prince. He played for 1 1/2 hrs out in the bitter cold.

A photo shot earlier in the week. This is the side of the Columbia Building in my home town; Oakland. Look at the iscles on the steps!

This pic is not edited! With the exception of making it b&w and adding text. I'm not sure why...but I really like it.