The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random photos from this past week! ENJOY!

This is not from the past week, this is from Brett's college homecoming! Its rare we get a photo of us together!
Me, my two babies & our new dog Twink.

Zahavah and Twink are the best of friends. She sticks her hands in his mouth and he just licks them...all day long...and she laughs everytime. Its really cute.

Brett wanted to snap this shot as he was cutting away his hair. Him and Micayla had a fun time w/ different cuts along the way. I am just glad the chin hair is gone.

Brett and the little ones had fun raking the leaves up & playing in them. I always love to take photos of this. Eli notices me, but not baby Z.

Look at those meanies...covering her up!

She likes it!

Such a BEAUTIFUL fall day. I love their little faces!

One of my favs.


Eli loves his sissy.

Z likes to eat gourds. Yuck.

Eli learning how to use my rubber brayer. I really enjoy art time w/ him.

I make things too, today I made 50 Christmas cards to sell @ Salisbury's Womens Christmas Tea.

Eli does make bigger messes than I do!!! But I don't mind. He is exploring, learning and having fun!
He doesn't look proud in this photo, but he is!


busymama431 said...

luv the picture, micah! z is looking more like eli. she's just a doll! love the leaves pictures!

Tabitha said...

Wow...Z is really starting to look like Eli!