The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Friday, October 2, 2009

Four days in one, the weekend is going to b crazy!

Friday & Saturday
1. See Spot Run DVD
2. Throwing away a picture frame w/o the glass.
3. Disneyland Limited edition pin.
4. 54 cross stitch colors
5. 11 different knitting needles
6. A bunch of different knitting books for hats, blankets etc.
7. A cherished Teddies cross stitch book w/ magnetic lap pad.
8. 7 different children's books
9. A sewing magazine.
10. party streamer

I cleaned out my kids art area...oh my! I will never have to buy markers or playdough again! I threw away most stuff...dried paints, broken crayons, papers, some broken coloring pencils etc. etc. The only things I was able to keep and possibly "resale" is a protractor & a pencil sharpner! :) It feels good to declutter!

1. Stuffed bear
2. sequence cards
3. 2 votive candle holders
4. A school supply box
5. A small glass plant pot

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