The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playhouse phase 2!

Daddy and Eli paint the door to his playhouse!

Eli had a rough start to his Monday. He had tubes put into his ears at Sarah Bush Hosptial. But after lunch he was much better and enjoyed some good time with Daddy outdoors!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Park days are so much fun!

Me and Zahavah, my baby girl.

She is too precious!

The wind is blowing her hair.

Miss. Micayla growing up so fast!

Grandma Laura and Zahavah!

The boys really enjoyed playing with bubbles, here I managed to take a picture of one of their bubbles!
Micayla with her Aunt Felicia. Wow...I actually got a picture of Felicia!

Zahavah with a stick!

Zahavah wondering what is wrong with Launah?

Love this pic...Trystan's expression is priceless. push or not?!

We have a climber...a little Brett!

The boys discover their shadows!

Does anyone else see Brett? little nephew Trystan.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We are going to take the bragging rights away from....


PS: Cousin Mia you can have this shirt, its too tight on me...if your parents will let you wear it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I need to constantly remind myself that we live in a world that is SUPPOSE to fall completely apart. I find myself daily struggling with the world. The trash on TV (I know I really need to just pitch that thing), but now Yahoo "news" home page stories are sooo stupid. This morning it was about mega billionaries and their homes. And this afternoon it was about a future invention of cars that can heal themselves from scratches. For real!!! Can we as a population seriously focus on something of REAL substance. Such as starving populations, raising up responsible God fearing children, bringing religion back into schools...I could go on and on, but that there would keep such people busy forever. I guess I'm just puzzled by the ignorant stuff that comes across the yahoo page that I see when I'm getting ready to check my email. Put something on of real imporatance that will make a difference in someone's life!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Steph.....

More pics of Mia please!!!

Coffee and Adoption!

Coffee? Oh I'm just addicted thats all. I'm on my third cup of straight black coffee...which is soo not me. I prefer the vanilla latte! But today its working for me.

I just got off an hour (at least) long phone conversation with a terrific lady from Lutheran Social Services about adoption. I know you are probably thinking..."What are you crazy!!!? You just had a baby six months ago!" And I say to you..."yes, you are correct, but the average adoption takes 2-4 years from start to finish. And we are just inquiring at this point, and desiring to learn what is truth and factual." We have heard so many things about adoption, and have heard enough horror stories about adoptions and foster caring for a life time. That we decided it was time for us to learn more from a reliable source.

Turns out the one thing I was pretty sure about was the length of the process, and I was correct. We are interested in adoption, not foster care...they are two seperate matters. Nonetheless I feel like I took a big step today in gathering more information.

This I know....The Lord works in mysterious ways and HIS timing is PERFECT! And His will beautiful.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hard time expressing oneself...

Believe it or not...I have the hardest time expressing myself in a way that actually communicates what I am feeling. Something said will bother and eat at me within and then I end up transfering it to something else and venting about that issue...then later realizing I'm really not that upset about that issue, but about what was said earlier or at another time. Agh!

The power of communication...or lack of!

I also think its dangerous to joke when you are trying to communicate with someone and they are trying to get an honest answer out of you...but I guess thats another entry.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pictures Galore!

Just incase you didn't know...I'm a die hard scrapbooker. Yesterday my SIL came over w/ her kids and we scrapped together while the kids played. It was neat to have four kids playing and us scrappin away. Then towards the end of our joyous time, I started to rearrange my albums...b/c they are not in order and that drives me nuts. I didn't realize how much I have actually completed! Eli is 2 and he has five books! Micayla is 13 and has pieces...her's are a work in progress...but I am making headway! Its so fun for me to put these albums and pages together. I hope they will one day enjoy looking at them and reading about moments from their childhood. I know as an adult now...if I had such a keepsake, I would love it. They even make tiny recorders to record their laughs, cries etc. I pick them up from time to time and record the kids and put it on the page of the age they were when I recorded it. I have Eli saying all the people that he loves. And Zahavah exercising her voice. They didn't have them when Micayla was little. :(
Anyhooo it was very enjoyable, hopefully we will do it again!