The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zahavah is TWO weeks old....already!

I love Zahavah in purple!!!
Eli grabbed her hand, I thought it was soo cute, I almost missed this precious shot!
Although when I wanted to take a pic of them together, he was not happy about it! :(
Daddy talks with Zahavah, she gives hand gestures and a small grin!
Zahavah loves Mommy with a kiss!


Tabitha said...

wow....its actually going to let me leave a note! This site rarely lets me open this window! Anyhoo, I do read your entires. Wanted to let you know that and tell you that she's so freakin' cute. Thanks for your note in my OD

Tabithaz said...

yesterday this wouldn't let me post a comment. Finally it is today.
Caydance and I enjoyed the pictures. She's so cute!

Pastor Ray said...

Cute baby! Brett, you look like a teenager in your pictures ('cept for the goatee, of course)
see ya at work!