The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The days are flying by so fast.....

Micayla and her little sister...I remember her wanting Eli to be a girl badly...glad she finally got her sister!
They are only this little for such a short period of time. Makes me take everyday as slow as I can.
Proud Daddy!
Eli and Daddy (and Daddy only) have a new game they play...I forget the name of it, but Eli is the best...we have a great camcorder video of it too...we laugh so hard. Brett allows Eli to play rough with him, but I have to remind Eli from time to time that he can only play like that w/ Daddy. Its so super cute. I love it when Brett interacts with Eli...we get such great laughs.
Eli is interested in his little sissy.
Our Princess! She is all beeuteeful! She has such long skinny legs! :)
Yeah! I can use little bows once again!
I love Eli's facial expression here..."Did I do that? Is she ok?"
Sweeet! Wearing Daddy's hat!

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Jed and Jaime said...

She is sooo cute and is changing so much already! Keira had lots of dark hair like that. I'm anxious to see what this new little one will look like. Will they look at all alike?!