The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday rids & our golf outing w/ Salisbury Church!

If you golfed from sitting in this won a lazy boy recliner...we didn't win. :(

I'm not a golfer...can u tell?

Jesse actually broke this club (not his or anyone else's in our group) on a practice swing...I told u Brett was the only professional in our group!

Nice practice swing!
My man!
Aaron was wanting to get in a pic...see his get-up!!! He would have won "out-fit of the day award" had there been one!

Shot of the broken club...for

Wow...look at that dirt fly!

I think its in my best interest not to pick up my children's toys anymore...its so exhausting and never ending! (even when they help put them away)
1. A set of awesome partylite spiral hanging tea lite candle holders. I do like them a lot, but I don't have anywhere cool to hang them. Asking $7 for both. And I don't have the original boxes.

2. Tossing a pair of undies...too big! WooHooo bye bye baby fat.
3. A pink dressy scarf

4. Brainy Baby DVD ABCs

5. A butterfly pendant.
We had a great time at the Golf Outing yesterday. It drizzled rain for a short period, but it didn't slow us down. Out of our group of four only Brett really knew how to play golf. It was the professional in our group...and he really is GREAT at golf. Enjoy the photos!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, guys. I'm glad you had fun golfing. I haven't been getting rid of 5 things a day, but I have been going through all my small children's clothes - bags at a time! So that should cover me for several weeks! If you want/need any clothes for your little two, let me know. My kids are just a step ahead of them! Miss you all.