The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Park days are so much fun!

Me and Zahavah, my baby girl.

She is too precious!

The wind is blowing her hair.

Miss. Micayla growing up so fast!

Grandma Laura and Zahavah!

The boys really enjoyed playing with bubbles, here I managed to take a picture of one of their bubbles!
Micayla with her Aunt Felicia. Wow...I actually got a picture of Felicia!

Zahavah with a stick!

Zahavah wondering what is wrong with Launah?

Love this pic...Trystan's expression is priceless. push or not?!

We have a climber...a little Brett!

The boys discover their shadows!

Does anyone else see Brett? little nephew Trystan.


Anonymous said...


You look beautiful!


Aunt Jennifer

PS Let us know if you want to come visit this summer.

Sara said...

hello Micah!
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner! As you can tell I don't update or check on my xanga very often!lol

The software that I use is Adobe light room and PhotoShop CS 3.

Thanks for stopping by!

With the Joy of the Lord!

~Justin&Meg~ said...

Hey stranger! We need to catch up soon! The kids and I have been walking at Walnut Point. I'm up visiting w/ Krista. She says to tell you that she's mailing the hat tomorrow. It's super cute...she just finished it. Madeline was modelling it for us. ;) Let's chat soon!