The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coffee and Adoption!

Coffee? Oh I'm just addicted thats all. I'm on my third cup of straight black coffee...which is soo not me. I prefer the vanilla latte! But today its working for me.

I just got off an hour (at least) long phone conversation with a terrific lady from Lutheran Social Services about adoption. I know you are probably thinking..."What are you crazy!!!? You just had a baby six months ago!" And I say to you..."yes, you are correct, but the average adoption takes 2-4 years from start to finish. And we are just inquiring at this point, and desiring to learn what is truth and factual." We have heard so many things about adoption, and have heard enough horror stories about adoptions and foster caring for a life time. That we decided it was time for us to learn more from a reliable source.

Turns out the one thing I was pretty sure about was the length of the process, and I was correct. We are interested in adoption, not foster care...they are two seperate matters. Nonetheless I feel like I took a big step today in gathering more information.

This I know....The Lord works in mysterious ways and HIS timing is PERFECT! And His will beautiful.

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