The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Being at my wits end with sick babies and feeling like pharaceuticals can only do so much. I started to research some alternatives to speed the healing process along. I made goot for the first time last night! What is it? 3 Tbsp of minced fresh garlic, 3 Tbsp of Cold pressed, virgin Coconut oil, and 3 Tbsp of Olive Oil. Mix and mesh out the garlic. You can read lots of different ways to do this. Some leave the garlic in (I didn't b/c I was putting it on my children and if you use too much garlic, it can burn the skin....which is also why I only used about 1 3/4 Tbsp of garlic...which took up the whole bulb!) I mixed it all together threw it in the microwave for a few seconds and mixed it good before I drained the garlic out. I tested it on myself open wound (burns a bit), on the inside of my forearm ( problems there). I put some on little Miss. Z's feet and chest before putting her to bed last night. And let me tell you...she was happy as a lark this morning. Still trying to work up that nasty cough but hey she is happy which makes my entire day better! Eli was already in bed when I made it up but I did put it on his feet this we will see. I'm also going to put it behind his ears. Garlic is very powerful & has healing soaks into the skin...and with any luck they will get better. I haven't been brave enough to put it down his ear canal yet...but if an experience herbist says its ok, I will probably try it. Since I drained out the garlic its just an oil and should be ok...but I'm not that experienced so I'm not gonna try it yet. If you put Goot in the frig it will harden up to a paste...still works great. I was a bit doubtful...I'll be honest. But as happy as Z is today...I'm glad I tried it. Sure didn't hurt anything!
Also...the Nebulizer Medication made her bottom raw! I order products and carry them in my massage office from I just ordered the Miracle Salve and I think its helping her bottom!!!! They also carry other great products like Super Mom, Super Dad, and Super Kid vitamins. I like all of them! And many other great natural supplements. If you live local to me, you can purchase them at my office and it will save you the shipping costs! Love it, love it, love it.
Hope everyone enjoys this frigid weather! Feels like -35! I'm not going anywhere today. Poor Micayla had to go off to school today while every school around us is closed. Go Small Little Christian School...they stay open and fight the cold when all the other pansies close their doors!!!! At least I'm getting my $$$ worth, lol!
Have a Happy Jesus Day!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, family,

I am so sorry to see your sickness still lingers on. My 2 youngest have gotten the cough today and I lathered them thoroughly with vicks (well, it was watkins, actually.) I might have to try the garlic if they don't pull out of it. Miss you all.