The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ear infection, Obama and Finding Nemo!

No infection but Eli still has fluid in there! So we will wait till March and if its not gone by then...we may have to get tubes. :(

Zahavah is doing much better too. She is down to one breathing treatment a day and the doc will recheck her soon too. Gotta get those lungs cleared up. She is sleeping very well at night.

Some other random thoughts I have had this week...

I was super pumped about the inauguration on Tues! How about you? I'll be the first to say...I didn't vote for Obama but now that he is in office, I do feel its crucial to pray for and support him. I sat on my bed with my two babies...played cars and listened to his speech. I thought it was good and I really enjoyed Rick Warren's prayer. I'm happy that he is representing the Christians of America. On Wednesday attitude changed a bit. For whatever dumb reason I found myself watching Oprah (I know, don't hold it against me). And I became a bit concerned with how much hype there was. I expected it on Tuesday...especially for the African Americans because I do see how special this day is for them (I was so touched by the elderly during the life changing for them!) But as Oprah and her panel were talking...I could hear the pedistal getting built up higher and higher and higher and I thought...oh this isn't good. I'm pretty sure Obama was trying to say in his speech that it will take a Nation working together to build back up America, yet I kept hearing this panel put so much responsiblity on this one black man! All in all...I guess I should expect to hear this type of thing on Oprah. Even I am excited about him as president now. The day after he won I was about sick to my stomach! I concluded that GOD (not Obama) is really in control and He will do whatever He wills for America.

Do you know the Disney Film Finding Nemo? Do you ever realize there is a lesson right in the beginning for adults? As me and the kids were traveling back from Sarah Bush (I had to pick up stuff for Z's neb treatments) they were watching the clip in the beginning when Marlin and Coral (husband and wife) are swimming around their new home. They are excited b/c they are about to become parents! There little eggs are down below their home in a small cove. When all the sudden they come face to face with a swordshark (or some sort of shark). Marlin says, "Coral don't (she looked down at her babies and was getting ready to bolt to them, to save them...most mommies would!) just get in the house, they will be fine!" Coral doesn't listen. She bolts straight for her eggs and the shark gets her and her babies...all except one...Nemo. I piped in and said..."Well if she had just listened to her husband, she would probably still be alive and so would all her babies." And I continued on about God "putting" the husband over the wife and home and how wives should listen and "obey" their husbands and how husbands are responsible to God for their families and the decisions they make. Etc etc etc. And Micayla really had a hard time with this. Her first response was "No man is going to be over me." I thought...oh boy, I probably would have said the samething when I was 13! Its a good thing maturity comes with age. But anyhow...I found it quite fasinating to relate that to Nemo! I'm sure Disney has many other life lessons tucked away in some of their movies and probably didn't even mean to!!

Have a great day!

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