The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where to begin?

It has been crazy busy around here! This past Saturday we took all the kids (all my kids and my niece and nephews) to a professional photographer for an Easter Session w/ real live bunnies and ducklings! It was a better deal than Sears Portrait Studio so I didn't want to pass it up. My nephews did the best job of all. My son made disgusting faces at the camera...go figure! It was so much fun to have them all together and watching how each of them respond differently to the new environment and the animals. We viewed our pics last night and ordered them. I'm proud to say that I stayed w/in my "picture budget." Ok so such a budget is a little "make believe" on my part, my way of justifying it all! lol. No really I did very well, cause usually I go all nuts and spend wayyyy to much money...and this time, I DIDN'T spend more than I had planned. Unfortunately Brett and I were woke up this morning by our tween, she had threw up in the middle of the night. Poor girl. Nothing more fun than cleaning up that mess at 2am w/ your hubby! :) I thought maybe it was something she ate but I don't think so, I think she has a little bit of the stomach flu that is going around. So she is in bed today. I am having her drink a minimum of 4 ou of water an hour to help keep her hydrated. Hopefully she can keep it down. Our little guy is full of energy! We have slowly fallen into a great habit of going upstairs to play before our morning snack. He enjoys his bedroom and that makes me happy.
On a Spiritual Note...Our church is encouraging us to do this CD listening program. We can listen to the whole New Testament in 40 days! Sounds great and I would love to do this venture but I already have sooo many books that I am traveling through at turtle speed, plus i have like four audios that are waiting for me. I know at the rate I read my Bible in the mornings, I won't make it through the testament in 40 days but on the other hand I enjoy what I do read and its not a race. I want to make sure I "get" what I read. Here is a great book if anyone is looking for a good spiritual read..."Good to Great in God's Eyes" by Chip Ingram. I really enjoyed this book, so much that i decided to keep it and read it again someday. I usually like to pass off my books for others to enjoy, but this is a keeper! Well, I'm done rambling for now. When I get the name of that Cd program the church is suggesting I'll post it, its just not coming to me now. Its prego brain!
Ta Ta for now; Micah

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~Justin&Meg~ said...

Hi Micah,

Cute blog! And yes, I got your message about the resale shop. I'll have to buzz in there sometime. I've been the other directions the past few times I've been out. :) Let's get together soon--after Easter.