The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Friday, May 28, 2010

A busy week!!!

~I absolutely love this pic, she is my little strawberry girl.~
My awesome niece Caydee graduates from Kindergarten.
And her mommy throws her a pool party!

Tin splashes everyone.
Pap on his homemade decorated bike for the Salisbury Memorial Day Bike Ride.

Launah and her Mommy. Launah hated the pool.

They gang up on Trystan because he was the first one splashing...he is a little fish...loves the water.

Caydee opens her graduation presents...we got her crafty scissors!

A wonderful red lady bug!
Micayla and her friends enjoy the pond water...w/ lots of cold spots I'm sure!

These two tikes were born on the same day, same year!

Too cute!

What can I say?

There's my man...I love it when he has fun!!

I love this picture...they were hiding! Ofcourse you can't see them if they close their eyes!

My latest creation for my friend Jana...who is celebrating her rebirth in a couple of weeks.

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