The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, May 10, 2010

Random photos and events the past several weeks.

Well you know...what can I say....our church is a bit odd.
Brett's sister said it best, "its disturbing!" Those who attend Salisbury probably think this pic is great! :)
Zahavah at the park, I think she threw those Strawberries up...she has a thing for Strawberries and swings...and they don't mix well!
The playgroup...I really wish we would do these more often...I miss you Moms.

My son loves Super Why in person, but terrified of him in real life! Should make for an interesting experience at Sesame Place this summer!

My wonderful husband at mile marker 9 during his May 1st Marathon. I'm so proud of him!

My friend Jana's friend...Steven Yoder.

Me and my heaven sent angel next to the Assembly hall in Champaign. When I was a small child my Dad took me there to see the Smurf Icecapades...he lost me! He was way up high and looked down and noticed me next to the ice-rink...not sure what happened after that. I remember being terrified!

Flyin a kite at Fox Ridge State Park.

Cousin Leeana comes for a visit from Pa. Her and Micayla at Fox Ridge.

If you read some of my facebook comments about Eli talking about a Giant...well here he is...right behind Eli!!! Its Uncle David the Giant!
Leeana and Micayla at her CMS track meet.

I had to post this pic of Zahavah...the first pic...that I look at and baby girl doesn't look like a baby anymore. :(
Family pic @ the track meet...LOVE IT!
Nice Kick Leeana...she was attempting to get Micayla wet, but I think Z got most of it!

Today we painted! Check out those eye balls!

He is a wonderful artist...I'll take a pic of my apple tree and his...its just awesome!

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We're from MD, not PA :).