The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, May 11, 2009

10 things that bring you joy!

Please post a comment and tell me 10 things that bring you joy!

Mine are...
1. Finding alone time with God...seems so difficult.
2. Finding alone time with my best friend, my husband.
3. Taking photographs
4. Getting to bed early and chatting w/ my wonderful husband.
5. My anniversary
6. When someone else does the cooking and the kitchen cleanup.
7. When everyone in our home is happy and loving each other....I love hearing them laugh together.
8. Most surprises
9. Being in my husband's arms
10. Great the ones Pap and I have together. Like the one w/ Joy Kaurin this morning. And girl talk!

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Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

I love your "10" are mine:

1. Having a really great talk with the Lord!!
2. Seeing my two beautiful children playing together!
3. Girls nights with my friends.
4. Date nights with my hubby!
5. A long walk on a summer night.
6. Reading a good book.
7. An evening of paper-crafting.
8. Christmas & Easter seasons.
9. A great sermon at church/bible study.
10. Knowing I'll be going to Heaven!!