The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day Gathering Hunt and all!

~Before our first Easter egg hunt we found Zahavah like this. Baby yoga! He feet are flat against each other!~
~Jack Pot at Aunt Teresa's!~

~Zahavah's first Easter Egg~

~Pretty girl~

~Big Pappy (Aka, KaKa) loves her~

~Caydance standing on top of the club house, brave girl!~

~Trystan just a swingin~

~My Men~

~Little Joshua was so good to Eli, he even let him wear his Spiderman hat!~

~Males! What can you say?~ Oh Jacob won!
~Good Morning my little preciouses...Happy Easter baskets!~


~And ofcourse he wants Sissy's puzzle~

~Easter Cuppy Cakes~
~The Hunt!~

~Caydance is such a good big sister, she helps Noahie~

~Hahahahaaa...someone put Keri's shoes in the tree!~

The Boys enjoying cuppy cakes. I love his expression!
~Zahavah and her Daddy~

~Mommy & Zahavah~
~Us with our baby girl. We missed Kayya being with us this weekend~

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