The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Morning!

I am feeling 80% better today...sleep helped! The snow is coming down and its so pretty out this morning. Brett and I got in some good devotion time this morning. He is a great husband. I admire his strongness and patience. I guess this is the shortest entry little ones are needing me!!! Thank you Lord for good sleep! :)


Jed and Jaime said...

Praying for you... I know how difficult it is to keep the home running when you feel crummy. I have recurring mastitis (5 times in 2 weeks) even though I am on antibiotics. I feel so fortunate that Jed is around to help out and that my in-laws are here right now. Praying you get more rest!!

~Justin&Meg~ said...

Hi Micah,

Hope you're feeling better!