The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ITS A PAINTING DAY!!!! Well...Morning anyway!

Eli helps w/ laundry!

"See Mom, I can get in all by myself!"

A climber! He takes after his Daddy...I'm sure of it!

Eli's first time eating Corn on the Cob!!! This time...he did not get any off of the cob...but last night...he managed to bite some off. I was impressed!

Darn...these painting pics are not in order. Oh well!

He almost ate some paint!
This face is funny, I snapped the pic when he was talking I guess!
This is pic, is actually pic #1...opps the brush landed in his hair!
A visit with Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Adam...Eli was not a happy camper this morning!

He paints his much fun!! And then he says..."uck!" Too cute!
See...what a beautiful hand!
I really like this looks like battle scars, but its actually a really nice face painting!!!
He dips his fingers!
And he is proclaiming he is ALL DONE painting, I missed the shot of him using sign language to let me know...but as you can tell here...his facial expression is enough!

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