The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America! Pics are not in order, sorry!

Eli enjoys Sparklers...this is so scary for me b/c he tries to grab the end! I'm such a concerned Mommy!
Agh...look how close he gets it to his eyes!

I hold it much farther away and he is not so happy with me!

Yeah! The fireworks at the airport are so much fun! Eli is sooo good sitting on Daddy's lap watching them!

We like the fireworks.

Daddy..."Where is the candy?" Eli caught on quick how to pick up the candy. A couple of times he even threw it back to them!


Daddy helps Eli with his Sparkler!

Eli explores Sparklers!

A proud little American.
He wanted his flag in his hat too, like Big Pappy! Monkey see, Monkey do!

Trying to steal Pappy's flag!


The boys were lucky enough to get balls during the parade!

More cupcake mixing!

Go Caydance!!!!

So much candy...the boys are not sure what to do with it!
Which one do you want Daddy?

Eli enjoys candy from the pinata...this may be his first sucker ever?!

They prepare the pans together.
And he watches his big sister!

Eli mixes with Mommy, he is so curious!

Yummy Sprinkles in the cake!

We started our day by preparing cupcakes for Aunt Keri and Uncle Asa's 4th of July party (Thurs).

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~Justin&Meg~ said...

Aw...loved all the new pictures, Micah! Love the one of Eli w/ the flag in his hat--to funny. That'll be a good one to show him when he is older. :) I like the ones of Micayla and Eli making the cupcakes. Fun!