The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zahavah's 2nd Birthday is TODAY!

Some adults said this looked like something from a horror flick, I actually desaturated this pic, so it doesn't look so evil!!! That red icing was loud. She loved her Elmo cake.
Zahavee opens her Little Blessing Daily Devotional from Brook & Braghan. We LOVE this devotional...short and sweet just for their age!

All the kiddos LOVED the bubble machine KaKa got Z for her b-day. Thanks KaKa!!!

Zahavah and Ephriam...his b-day is the day before her's. They are good buds. They don't know it, but us parents have them arranged to marry....shhhh.

~The day after the big party, Z's b-day gift from Grammy J arrived...she was so excited, cause by now...she had the unwrapping thing you can see!~ Yes, Spiderman is missing an arm...he decided he wanted to keep him anyway and play him as if he fell from a building and is injured.
~This morning we invited family over for Birthday was fun~

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In His Care said...

I think the red looks pretty with the red, white and blue swim suit. Their smiles are adorable.