The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The City Museum St. Louis!!!!

My favorite person in the world! He comforts me, protects me and accepts me just how I am. I thank God everyday for sharing Brett with me.

Our little handsome son...breaking into the bank safe! This safe was HUGE!

Micayla posing up against the safe deposit boxes, after her blue her mouth matches her cool Skillet shirt! :)
By far one of my favorite two favorite boys!
Like Father, like son.
Auditions maybe? He has some good moves!

I purchased a whistle for him, so he is trying his hardest! He had it mastered later that day!

The outside was the most my opinion...and I think most of my family would agree. Eli was a brave climber.
You should see the close up of Z's face...she is terrified...she hated this slide.
My three wonderful children!

See Z climbing with her Daddy?
This kid and Eli had a blast throwing balls at one another...even though he was twice Eli's size, Eli didn't back down!
One of my favs of Micayla.
Z liked to lick these glass figures...gross!
Lots of climbing at the City Museum!!!!

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