The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday...A family day at the Park!

The little ones, watch the big ones...they are learning!

I enjoy having my siblings and their children close.

I love Eli's grin in this pic and how Caydee is peeking.

Eli loves this bridge...every time we go to the park!

I believe this is his first time on the teeter-totter!

Big cousin Kayya, helping out Caydee!

All four balance out!

Dads and Kiddos.

Caydee has a friend at the park too, he joins us.

I LOVE this picture! Isn't Noah the cutest baby...he should work for Baby Gap!

Don't let go Daddy!

We laughed at the boys as they left us and were following Uncle Ryan and Noah on a little walk. They just up and left us.
Kayya and Dad on the jungle gym.

My family...which is getting ready to grow any day now!

I can honestly say...I truly appreciate the men in my family and the Godly Fathers (and husbands) they strive to be. I enjoyed watching the children have fun together...but especially with their Dads. We all decided after church to grab some grub and head to the park. My only regret...I didn't get any pics of the kids w/ Great Grandpa Ka Ka! :(


Crystal said...


Thanks for posting on our blogs! Thank you for giving us your blog addy. I am amazed at your pictures. They are beautiful. All of them so close up, bright, and clear. You are quite the photographer.

It is so heartwarming to see you so happy. I am so glad that you guys are doing so well. Your daughter has grown so much. She is going to be passing you up soon!!

God bless your beautiful family!

Macnme said...

Hey there Micah,
We went a day early and missed you at the park! The girls have bugged me since we moved back to the area to go to the park... I keep saying, "not today, we don't have time." I finally gave in and took them there yesterday. Looks like you had a great time like my kids did.

Can't wait to see your new arrival!