The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Agh...who enjoys being up at 3:30 am?

I can't sleep!!!!! Brett is sleeping quite soundly! Pregnancy insomnia is by far not enjoyable at all. I don't even have anything to say here...I'm just up and awake w/o anything to do! I could clean, but I don't want to wake up Eli....who needs his rest. My sister will come tomorrow and we will CLEAN...and ORGANIZE! Brett spent sometime this past evening organizing lots and lots of papers that we haven't filed in quite sometime. Crazy how out of hand mail, bills etc can get if you don't stay right on top of it all. Well...if I can't sleep...I'm at least going to lay there and allow my body to relax. Hope everyone is enjoying a good night's sleep!
Counting Sheep; Micah


Brian Walston said...

Hey Brett, Micah,
I am very happy for you as you are expecting again. I'm keepin you in my prayers.

Love ya, Brian

Jed and Jaime said...

Oh Micah, I'm so sorry! I'm only 24 weeks and already can't sleep :( I haven't had too much insomnia yet, but the pelvic pain is KILLING me! I can't turn over in bed.

Macnme said...

Hey there,

Well, I am almost always up every night, but NOT due to being pregnant, but working!

Also, I just noticed your post on my blog about my blog not working all the time and bringing up weird stuff. I know that the link that is on Meg's blog is my old blog link, and she has not changed it to the new one yet, so if you click on it from her blog page then you will get the wrong one or weird stuff. So you have to bookmark the page or click on a comment that I left on Meg's blog to get to mine.

So how are you feeling these days. You look great in all your pixs!!

P.s. Did you get my post about where Paula cuts hair at now? I would love to get in touch with her.