The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, June 23, 2008

An eventful Sunday!

We went to church and then out to eat with Asa, Keri and Trystan at Stadium Grill in Mattoon. At 1pm I had my shower with friends and family...I had fun and thought it went real well. Although no one had S'mores! The cake and ice cream did us all in. :) After the shower...Me, Brett, Eli and Micayla headed up to Carters and OshKosh in Tuscola for their super sales. We conquered both of those stores and StrideRite in less than one hour and made out with some really great deals for Eli and our baby girl. We arrived home shortly after 6pm. Eli was laying on his beanbag and was sliding Brett grabbed his hand and helped him back on and he said he felt a pop...Eli started screaming and crying. In the back of my mind I was taken back some years ago when Micayla had "Nurse-Maids Elbow" and we made several drives to the ER over a 4-5 year period! :( I was going to attempt to give Eli a bath to see if he would settle down or "come out of it." But that was not going to happen. So I told everyone to load up...we were going to the ER. When we arrived there was a line of three I called the Peds Office answering service to see who was on call and told them to have whoever it was to call me. Dr. Stultz (never met before) called and I explained to him the situation and he sounds exactly like Nurse Maids Elbow and he told me how to attempt to replace it. (I was a bit nervous). But Walllaaa! It worked soooo easily! I could not believe no one had explained it to me that easy before and saved me a dozen trips to the ER w/ Micayla! Grrrr! But Praise the Lord...our little Eli regained his color and joy within minutes of getting that readjusted! We came home, ate supper, put him to bed and enjoyed a movie. What a day! But I must say...the internet resource I have read really downplays the pain. Eli was not "playing as usual without using his upper arm." My child was pale white, sweating and feel asleep from the pain between here and the hospital. Once I readjusted him, he regained his color right away, quit sweating and then was playing as a normal happy baby...same with Micayla when she was little...although she NEVER fell asleep or passed out from the pain. Just a heads up...we have played with Eli (up to this point) swinging his around by his arms etc and have never had a problem. This problem typically develops around age don't be surprised if it creaps up on you like it did us! Now we must be cautious how we "pull" on his can happen so easily...even by just pulling his arm through his shirt or jacket. Hope all this information helps someone else out there! Have a Blessed Day; Micah


Anonymous said...

Never herd of Nurse's Maid Elbow but I am glad everything turned out alright. Man, never can be careful enough. Brett, the original bruiser, was always fearlessly beating himself up so we never had to think about doing anything to him, he already tried it !
Thanks fro sharing all the great pictures.
Dad Frey

Jed and Jaime said...

Wow, what a day! Glad you were able to fix Eli so easily, I know it isn't uncommon for that to happen. We should chat in the next week if you guys have time!!