The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Four months since my last pathetic!!!!  But that is how insane it is around here.  There are so many thoughts I have but so very little time to stop and jot them down.  But I LOVE to share pictures and I'm way behind in doing so, so here ya go:
 We absolutely enjoy our friends!  We had the Plummers & Kubiceks over back in April before the Kubiceks headed on another mission!
 I LOVE these two...they are the same age minus a day!
 Easter at my Sister's age order!
 We visited Brett's sister Steph and her family in Chicago area.  (I have a ton of pics from this trip...enough to have a post all of its own, but ya know how it is)  Z and Miah are sooo sweet together.  Z just said tonight that she really misses Miah and wants to go to her house again real soon.  :(
 Z & E MADE corn toss with Daddy!  They each got to paint one.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
 Brett bought a motorcycle and we all enjoy taking a ride with him.  Here is Eli giving us a wave.
 Eli is playing Rookie baseball this year.  I know very little about sports, so I'm super happy Brett knows a lot and keeps Eli plugged in.
 Father's Day!  We gave him a photobook of the trip to Steph's (which also included the Zoo and Legoland).  And a few other little things...but its this moment I love.
 I took Eli on a date in June...he picked bowling...and we can see why!  He is good!
 He picked DQ sweet treat afterwards!

 My Dad visits.  We adore him!
 Z, E and Daddy do the fun run at the Oakland 5K and Z beat them all!  Go ZZ!!!!!  (Eli was sick, shhh don't tell Z).
 A nice family game of basketball was played during a small birthday celebration for me and my sister June 2.
 Yes, that is a Ducky Dynasty shirt!
 We had an awesome party at our house for the 4th!  Here we are waiting for the parade.  The babies were home napping...
 Here our babies are, acting as mechanics!
 Z & Jude (my friend Jenny's boy) are good pals.  She would love for me to arrange their marriage now!  lol.
 Here are all the kiddos that we at our celebration.  I love having a lot of kids around.  To me, its much easier than just a few.  They entertain each other.  Sure there are more messes, and they wear me out but I love them all and enjoy their presence.
 Kayya gets a ride but is NOT happy about that helmut!
 Z & Jude again.  Cuties.
 Daddy and Z at the parade.
Steve Plummer (my friend Amy's hubby) and Silas taking a break!

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