The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celebrating January!

We are half way through Jan!  And today its FREEZING out there.  I got a massage this past weekend, I did realize how bad I needed it, and I'm sleeping much better now.  Which is great, because I even notice throughout the day that I had a good night's sleep.  Kids are back to school and Brett back to work...I miss them when they are gone.  If we ever win the lottery, Brett has to quit his job forever...I love him being around.  I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning.  I have fallen in love with International Delights Heath creamer...YUM!  And ofcourse caffiene and I have always been buds.

I have started once again to read through the Bible in a year...this time I have accountability, so I hope I can do it.  Every year I think...oh here I go again setting myself up for failure.  sigh.  I need to stay positive, even if it takes two will be two years well spent.  I am enjoying it!  And I have even started to ponder things that I really didn't think about before when reading certain Rebecca got married off...her parents didn't know this far away man (Isaac) who sent a servant to find him a wife!  Can you imagine?  A servant showing up on your door step asking for your daughter to come right away and marry a man in a far away land?!  Sure they were given a dowry, but a Momma, I would want to meet him!
And do you think Isaac was eager to go into the wilderness with his father ever again after he had been put on the alter with a wood stack on top of him?!  Uhhhh I think not!  I had always been so focused on Abraham's commitment to the Lord that I never really thought about it from Isaac's perspective!  I truly enjoy pondering these things and relating them to my life today.  This is probably one of my biggest New Year's resolutions.  Also things like...investing my time in the eternal things.  Things (rather people) that have long lasting impact and importance.  My children and some friends, and definitely myself and my husband.  God is slowly teaching me forgiveness through Celebrate Recovery and His Word ofcourse....and my kids and my husband!  There are so many things I would love to be committed to, but I want to be committed to what God wants me committed to, not what I want in my selfish flesh.  Oh boy thats tough.

Here are some photos...Enjoy!  These pics are not in order...
1. Eli celebrating 6!!!!
2. Eli being a big brother...he is so good at it!
3.  My baby Eli, I can't believe he is 6.  Bittersweet.
4. E and Z playing in the snow...this is a photo by Daddy!
5. Z and I made Valentines Decorations for our home...we really enjoy doing this together!  Fb has a picture of our finished project, the hearts hang over our kitchen table.
6. Chloe and Eli at his birthday party, I picked this pic b/c I LOVE his face.  I love that he can let go and be goofy!
7. Silas and Z
8. Sissy Kayya loving on baby K.  Eli told us this week that he picked Micayla as his Hero to write about at school.  We are so proud of her, she is a GREAT big sister!  And I know it meant a lot to Micayla too.

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great pics... i wonder if there is a way to get notified of blog post via email???