The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break and Key Lime Cove Review!

Micayla was off school all last week for Spring Break and with St. Patricks Day on Thurs...we searched the internet for some Spring Break/St. Pattys specials. She loves waterparks it doesn't matter if they are inside or outside, she loves them. My SIL suggested Key Lime Cove in Gurnee and they had a fantastic special for St. Pattys day! For our family of five to stay overnight and enjoy the waterpark on arrival day and all day the next day it was $109.95 plus tax! In my limited travel opinion that is incredible! So we jumped on it.

We arrived Thurs around four and checked in. And went straight towards the pool, but stopped for some Pizza. Prices were reasonable for such a place (actually more reasonable than Six Flags IMO.) And the food all around was yummy! Pretzels were a little pricey $3 for one! But they were good and it was a fun quick snack.

The pool was very kid friendly. I loved that the children's area was gated with a magnetic door...that helps my Mommy nerves relax a little bit more. It was really crowded, but I expected that since the special was sooo good. The life guards were everywhere. After me and the kids adjusted to the surroundings (in the kiddy area) we relaxed quite a bit and I didn't feel I had to have my eyeballs on them every minute. I do believe the chlorine levels were really high. I had some issues with not feeling great while in the pool area, but once I stepped out of the pool area I would feel my best guess was the chlorine was a bit high for me, I was the only one effected by it could have been anything.

This slide was super fast! My little dare devil LOVED IT!

Eli, didn't enjoy it.

There is a regular size pool area with basketball hoops but we didn't go in there. Lots of teenage boys having fun though. Instead we went to the area with the dumping pineapple. You what Six Flags has in their was really nice. This area had several slides and water spouts. Our brave water baby Zahavah was sent down one of these slides by herself (by her Dad and Big sister), she came out ok, but was not eager at all to do it again. Poor Baby had a face full of water when she came out. (See pic below). Ofcourse they are loving on her after sending her down that scary slide! Eli is not our brave water child, he plays it safe and stayed to wading in the shallow area in this part of the park.

The lazy river and wave pool were a blast! I really enjoyed chillin out with the family on the river. And for the most part I didn't witness people not sharing the tubes (like at Six Flags). We would go around a couple of times and then give our tube to another family waiting. :)
The big slides were a blast! All the lines except one moved quickly. Micayla and I went down while Brett stayed with the kids, then Brett and I would switch places and him and Kayya would go. They were FUN!
The adult area is smack dab in the middle of the whole pool area. Its a nice big hot tub for ADULTS ONLY. It was great, but horrible location. Brett and I each took a turn enjoying it.
I didn't like that they served alcohol in the pool area. A drunk woman made her way into the kiddy area and was stumbling all over the place. Her daughter (my age maybe) had to carry and pull her out of there apologizing the whole time...this was very alarming and unsettling to me considering how many children were in there! I'm still deciding if I should call and report this. I did include it on the survey they sent me but I feel it was disturbing and scary enough that it should probably be reported to management.
My children and me...LOVED the tropical birds. I took the dive and paid the stupid insane price to get a family 5x7 pic with the birds. Eli and Zahavah each held one...its a priceless pic...worth every penny! lol.

We didn't buy anything from the candy / snack / coffee bar but it was sooo pretty! The candy is laid out in a glass case. Ofcourse my kids were drawn to it, I was too. If I recall correctly it was a bit expensive, they sell it by the pound.

Overall the place was pretty clean and definitely up to date. I noticed the plastic plants were a bit dusty BUT I was standing right next to them waiting for Brett or I wouldn't have noticed. I did notice too while sitting on the floor putting my shoes on, that a cup of something must have been spilled on the table at the entrace of our room b/c there was red streaks all down the wall. (lol, the things I just happen to notice boggles me). These are minor little things though. It was a beautiful place and we had a fantastic time.

Would I give it a five star rating? No, b/c of the drunk lady. I give it a four star.
Would I recommend it? Yes with caution concerning the alcohol.

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