The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun catch-up!

Sweet corn season has finally arrived!
They ate it this one night and haven't touched it since.

My beautiful little princess in Pa at the Lake w/ Peanut Butter on her face.

The whole gang...we had a blast.

The whole gang at a 5K race...Brett, his mom Joan and his brother Stanton all ran. Me and the kids cheered them on.

Does this house look familiar? Jon and Kate Plus 8! This house is 11 miles from my Sister-in-Law.

My niece Moriah and baby Zahavah.

Brett and his college with kids!

We went to Sesame Place...Super Grover is Eli's favorite...check out his hat!

And Zahavah likes Oscar the Grouch...go figure!

Honestly...this is my FAVORITE theme park...I hope to take them back in a few years. We had a great relaxing fun time.

A water ride in the park. Too bad I got my tattoos the day before and couldn't tape them up like Brett's...see his forearm?!

Ok...Big Bird is my fav. Although he looks a bit drugged here!

Sesame Street is celebrating 30 years this year! Wow!

My tattoos...which lots of people have been asking for pics of. This is immediately I'm not red and puffy now. And YES it hurt!

Brett's...all the red is bruising and shading. I probably should have taken a current pic, cause this looks back compared to what it looks like now. He has awesome color!

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