The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lemon Delights!

I don't know about you...but I enjoy the color and smell of lemons. And I like having them in my kitchen. I like a good lemonade shake up when we go to festivals as well...although the sugar is usually overbearing. As I was sitting in the Chiropractors office this morning flipping through a Country Living magazine...I fell upon this recipe...
2 C fresh lemon juice
6 C cold water
1 C of fine sugar
2 Tbsp of grape juice (for color)
lemon slices
rinsed marigold petals for decoration
I cut this recipe in 1/2 because I only had three lemons and that got me about 3/4 C of juice. I used regular sugar, no grape juice or marigolds in mine nonetheless this was FANTASTIC! My kids are enjoying it now as I type. I usually struggle w/ getting the "right" proportions...this made it easy...try it!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Jenifer I was enjoying your blog. I love lemons too. I make my lemonaide with honey not white sugar. Its still lovely! I thought you might be interested in one of my blogs sheck it out and also
God Bless!