The Frey SEVEN

The Frey SEVEN

Monday, May 19, 2008

To be a stay at home Mom or not?

The only thing cute about this picture is my belly!

Me with my awesome kids on Mothers Day 2008'

The question..."To be a stay at home Mom or not?" has been floating around for quite awhile within our family and with other families I have talked with. Its a hard decision for some. I have been on both ends of this stick...when Micayla was little, I was a single Mom...and didn't have much of a choice. Now (Thank you Jesus) my life is different and this is the decision my husband and I have agreed is best for our family. I hear a lot of comments like, "it must be hard!" "How do you do it?" etc etc. I can only speak for myself here...but I'll be the first to say it is the hardest job on earth but the most rewarding too. I am so grateful to God and my husband for giving me the opportunity to stay home. I'm not going to lie, its not easy! But it is so worth it, in so many ways and it's what is best for the children...not just my children, but all children.
How do I do it? I'm exactly sure what that question do I do what? Keep my sanity? Keep peace? Enjoy it? Make the most of it? Again...only speaking for myself here...I have #1 made the decision to BE A STAY AT HOME MOM...that 1/2 of it. Making up your mind regardless of circumstances that it is best decision for you and your kids, and sticking with it. Yes...there are many hard days. #2 Pray Pray Pray. God gives me the strength I need everyday for whatever lays ahead...whether it be grocery shopping, doctor appts, battle of the will etc...he is by my side and I am not alone. #3 Develop a rountine. A schedule and a routine (in my eyes) are a bit different. I'm not driven by a minute by minute list of things to accomplish or do. I do have an idea of what our day is going to look like and I allow for flexiblity. #4 I feel like I am capable of being a good stay at home Mom b/c I have a very supportive husband...who also feels it is the best decision for our family. Without him, I don't think I could or would want to stay home. He is my 2nd rock at the end of the day to lean on. Thank you Honey! #5 Have friends to talk with that are also mommies and can relate to your struggles and accomplishments. Its great to have a listening ear. Thanks girls!
There are Biblical principles for being a stay at home Mom and I do find them very encouraging, but my decision is not based on those principles alone. Like I one point in my life, it wasn't even an option. And to say every Mother must stay home because that is what God a bit legalistic in my opinion. To say God designed it that way and he designed us Mommies with everything we need to raise his children and that he knows what is a great encouragement to make a wise decision upon!
Look into your own heart, your husband's heart, God's heart...and your precious little child's heart...and then make your decision...and stick with it. Satan will try to destroy the family God designed through you and your husband, be determined to safeguard it for God's Kingdom.

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Brett said...

Wow, sweetheart! That was great! I love you! And you are soooo cute! All of you, not just the belly :)